Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Great Big, Tiny Treat

We are getting close to the beginning of spring here around Boston, MA. Today was a balmy 55° F under clear skies (by mid-day), and we'd been having some light precipitation over night last night. No murmurings of amphibian movements...anywhere, which seems a little strange, but it's no doubt getting close.

Out in the Minuteman National Historical Park with a local high school group and a Park Ranger we came across a quite-impressive breeding congregation of the mighty Springtail. We noticed a few of the wee beasties floating and springing about on the surface of a little brook, and happened to notice a massive aggregation of them a little ways down stream.

These little guys are always neat to come across, and at this time of year certain species come together in and near wetlands like vernal pools. Keep an eye peeled for little flecks disturbing the surface of puddles and streams, and an ear out for the sound of light rain on dry leaves - you may be rewarded with a great big, tiny treat!

~ M.R. Burne