Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Migration Update for Southern New England

   In general, the lack of rain events has made for erratic migration of wood frogs, spotted, Jefferson, and blue-spotted salamanders. In CT, greater numbers of animals have been seen or heard chorusing.  Less from observations through MA and from southern NH and ME.  The overall lack of precipitation for the winter has water levels lower than usual at most pools.

Spotted salamander with hail.  frog-shots.com
Tuesday night, March 13.  Several observers reported migrations during and after storms of hail,severe lightning/thunder and downpours moved along the MA/NH border from midnight into the morning hours.

March 14.  Abundant woodfrogs and spotted salamanders in pools in southeastern MA.  Some wood frog egg-laying but not spotted salamander eggs observed.

March 16.  Evening visits to several pools in Stoneham, Concord, and Lexington found lots of male spotted salamanders in the pool no congressing or egg masses.  Some spermatophores seen in Lexington and one spotted salamander egg mass.

March 17-18.  Wood frog chorusing everywhere.  Some large choruses and others relatively (compared to other years) week.

  From the Salamander Crossing Brigades :  "I spent just over an hour at one of our local crossings in Keene, NH last night. The roads were wet after sundown, and wood frog movement tapered off as the roads dried and the temperature dipped into the low 40s. On a "Big" Night, we can see upwards of 800 frogs in several hours at this site. Last night, we crossed 16 wood frogs and 52 peepers, and found a handful of dead frogs. Folks at a nearby crossing, which tends to be more salamander-y, crossed 3 Jefferson salamanders and a few wood frogs. A “small” night for both of those sites."

In reading many other reports from various sources, it seems animals are moving but not necessarily in the numbers of previous years.  As always, there are many nights of migration with the best being in the midst of rain.  Wood frogs are chorusing in daylight with the warm weather.

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